All About Me Curriculum Ideas

Enlarge paper dolls and clothes and laminate them. Put Velcro on the doll and on the outfit. It is a great way to teach about cultures or even seasonal clothes- my twos love it and so do the pre-k kids!

Look How We’ve Blossomed: Have a pictures of each child starting with baby pictures and going up to the child’s current age. Have the children color coffee filters and glue the pictures in the center of the filter. Just add a green pipe cleaner and construction paper leaves.

On the first day of school, I take pictures of my students. When I get them developed, I wait until the day I get doubles for no extra charge. I use one of the photo’s to make a class Brown Bear Book. I put a picture of a clip art Brown Bear on a 4×6 unlined index card with the title “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” On the next card at the top I add the phrase “I see Alexis looking at me!”. Then I glue Alexis’s picture to the middle of the card. Then at the bottom of the card I add the phrase “Alexis, Alexis, What Do You See?”. I continue do this in alphabetical order of all the students in the class. I conclude the book with photos of my aides, assistant, myself and ending with a whole class photo. I laminate the cards and hand the on a metal shower hook so pages can be turned easily. By the time the children have learned all the other students names, they go around reading the book while showing you your photo.

At the beginning of the year I take pictures of the students. I enlarge the photographs on the copy machine to fit a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Then I copy the photograph on to tagboard. I then cut the copied photo into 6-8 pieces to make a puzzle. I put the puzzle pieces into a file folder (stapled sides) and glue the real photo to the front of the folder and print the child’s name. I set out 4-5 different photo puzzles each day and put then in a desktop file rack. Children can pull one of their friends photo puzzles and put them together.

Several years ago, I learned this poem. “Here is a circle that is my head. Here is my mouth where words are said. Here are my eyes so I can see. Here is my nose; it’s a part of me. Here is my hair on top of my head. Here is my hat so tiny and red. Here is my smile that I show to say,’ I’m very glad to be in school today!'” I wrote each line on one page and put the pages together to form a book. The children in my class (4-5-year-olds) used crayons and paper to illustrate each line. We punched holes in the pages and each child went home with their own book. We made a cover page with the title, All About Me, and wrote their names as the illustrator. I do not know where the poem originated, but I have used it at circle time also.