All About Me Curriculum Ideas

Many children are not aware of how they got their names. I sent home a piece of paper which ask parents to describe the origins of their child’s name. It was interesting the results we got. Some children were named after relatives, because of the meaning of the name, after plants, or just because their parents liked the name. We read a few of these each day at circle time until we had read them all. We also used a baby name book to look up the meaning of each name.

I have the children bring in an old pair of pants, longs sleeved shirt and pillow case. For a couple of days we just tear and wad paper. (We turn this into a lot of fun by jumping in it like a pile of leaves or having paper wad fights.) Then we tie the ends of the shirt and pants and stuff them with the paper. I use the digital camera and take each child’s picture, print it on transfer paper and iron their faces on the pillow cases. We then stuff the pillow cases and stitch the pieces together. My kids will take these to each other and say “Hey, look at me”. They play with these replicas for weeks, even give them rides in our riding toys. We keep them until after Halloween because we talk about scarecrows for Fall with them.

This is a great idea to get the parents involved, and its really fun for the kids! We had the parents bring pictures of their family (siblings, mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles..etc.), some of their friends, and their house. Then we had the kids make foot and hand prints and different art projects and put them in the book. We put the kids books together, because our kids were little! But parents love them and its really fun! Enjoy!

The first week of school I had the children create “All About Me” books. On each page was a different picture of their families, their pets, and what ever else they liked. When they were done we labeled them and put them in the library. The children really enjoyed looking at each others books.

For a cute bulletin board idea, we have the children bring in a picture of themselves (or their family if you choose to theme it this way). We then place everyone’s picture on a bulletin board which says, “Say Cheese”. We cut out of black construction paper, a camera (use white chalk to draw a lens on it); we make the word “cheese” look like Swiss cheese with holes in the letters. Place children’s pictures all around the camera. We get a lot of compliments from the parents!!