All About Me Curriculum Ideas

“All About Me” or “Community Helpers” (nurse/doctor)

We put together a booklet of body parts drawn on paper, ex. elbow, knee, ankle, chin, finger, and supply small band aids. The book is called “My Band Aid Book”. We look at each page and ask the child to show us his/her elbow, etc. When they can do that, they get to put a band aid on their elbow and one on the elbow in the book. It helps to learn various body parts plus fine motor in getting the band aids on.

“All About Me” art/bulletin board:

During our All About Me week I have the parents bring in a baby picture of the child to place beside a picture that I have taken at school. Before the current picture is placed along side the baby picture I have the children try to guess who the baby in the picture is during circle time. After this I place the pictures (baby & current) on a bulletin board with the words “There is only one beautiful child, and every mother has one.”

Draw an outline of a large foot on light colored paper. At the top write the caption ” When my feet are big” Send this home with children with a note for parents having them ask the kids this question. Try to write the exact words with little prompting. Very cute and funny answers!

We always ask our pre-k children to bring a picture of themselves so that we can make a friendship book. I have the children tell me about their family, pets, favorite color, food, and what they want to be when they grow up. It’s all put in a spiral notebook and each child gets a chance to take it home to show their parents their classmates.

We have an orientation day at our school and the class is divided into two 45 minute sessions. A parent comes with their child, so I like to have them participate in an activity. I prepare my bulletin board with the title “The More We Get Together, The Happier We’ll Be” I then place the children’s names at different places on the board. Each child is given a person pattern, and I ask them to decorate it to look like themselves. Mom or Dad is watching them do this, and they really enjoy it. After the child has finished, the parent then takes the child to the bulletin board, and staples the figure by the child’s name. Of course, the child points out his/her name first. It makes a great September display.