The Perpetual Preschool

All About Me Art

This is a great music and art project combination. Each child has a paper plate, a piece of red paper with a smile drawn on it that they or the teacher cut out.
The paper mouth is then punched with a hole punch and with a brad poked in the paper plate where a mouth would go. The children then color the eyes, nose, ears and hair. All the while they are involved in this project the teachers are randomly singing the smile song. The children make the face smile or frown as the song directs.

No one likes a frowny face, Change it for a smile.
Make the world a better place, by smiling all the while.
If you chance to meet a smile , do not let it stay/ Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away.

For part of my “all about me” theme I have the students draw a self-portrait. Then I asked them simple questions, ex. How old are you, What do you like about school, How many people in your family, etc. I put the typed out version next to the portrait and then I have a display for Open House! The parents love seeing this, and it helps the students get to know each other.

A great idea for all about me: In a small group, have one child sit in the middle and the other children ‘examine’ this child. Point out skin color, eye, and hair color, big/small nose, glasses, freckles, etc. Then, have the child who was in the middle turn around and the other children try to draw a picture of that child from memory. Compare all the pictures and repeat with a different child in the middle.

I ask the parents to bring a picture of each of the family members (can just be any old snapshot or whatever) I let them know that the pictures will not be returned but used for an art project…I have a scanner so I copy the pictures and return them. Anyway..I let the kids make a family quilt with squares of material and the pictures cut into squares. The glue them onto a piece of poster board (I cut poster board into pieces) I add a nice ribbon and the parents love them!

I send home a tree pattern the first week of school with a note asking parents to help their child create a family tree. They can do anything they want as long as it is a family project done together. They turned out great and were very creative. Some drew pictures, some cutout pictures they were all decorated different. This was our first project to go on our class art bulletin board.

Our preschool room is really plain with white walls, so we are having the kids put there hand prints on the wall then when there dry write there names. The children like it because then they will no there special for having there hands on the wall and the room is original because each hand is different.

All About Me Art

Mirror Painting
Materials: Sheets of foil, Corn Syrup, Food Coloring, Plastic Spoons, Paint Shirts

Bowls Mix food coloring and corn syrup. Put on shirts. Allow children to paint on the foil using the spoons. Lay flat to dry.

I have children do a paper bag “self puppet”. They use crayons to make the facial features. We use yarn for the hair. I have various fabrics, and the children can “dress” themselves.

During our “Me” unit, I use shiny tinted window film that a local establishment gives me. I cut out a square shape for each child. They place it on the table in front of them, where they can see themselves reflected in the mirror paper. We use finger paints to fill in our facial features, according to the color of our eyes, hair, etc.

For our All About Me week, we made a page each day for our “All About Me” book

the first day was a handprint along with the words to the song “I Am Special” written around the handprint. The second page was fingerprints in the shape of a circle, with the words inside “My fingerprints are different from everyone in the whole wide world. The third day (page) was a self portrait. The fourth day was how old am I, how tall, and how much do I weigh. The fifth day was my favorite color and the kids cut/glued misc. collage materials and/or colored things with their favorite color(s). On the last day we put hole punches along the side and wove yarn through the holes to complete our book. Each day’s lessons were tied to the page for that day
it was an exceptional week and the kids were exceptionally proud of their book at the end!

All About Me Mobiles

I trace each child’s hand and foot on construction paper and then cut them out. (The children can cut depending on their cutting ability.) The children look through magazines and cut out
pictures of things they like. I then staple
of them together back to back, so you end up with
pictures. I also give each child a  piece of paper and he draws a picture of himself on it. We then tie varying lengths of string to the hand, foot, self-portrait and the mag. pics. Hang them from a clothes hanger. The kids get really excited about this project. (Caution: Do not let the children stand too close together when holding their mobiles. You end up with a tangled mess!

My class made a Personality Quilt. Each child took home on the first day of school and piece of felt and glued their pictures and things that describe their personalities (ex. dolls, cars, roses etc.) Put all the pieces together and make a beautiful quilt. Talk about different personalities. Get to know each other and get them excited about diversity!

We have our children paint their faces and/or bodies on a mirror. It washes off and the kids love it.

Paper plate faces are always fun.

You Need: paper plates, different colored yarn for the hair, different collage materials, and crayons.
Have the children look at themselves in a mirror, and tell them to create their face on the paper plate. It’s that simple!

Another twist on body tracing: This is a week long project.

On Monday, I trace each child’s body on huge rolls of white butcher paper.

On subsequent days of the week, the child adds different things to their “body”.

Tuesday, paint the clothes (I draw in the outline of the clothes to give them a guide)

Wednesday color or paint the skin with multicultural markers/paint

Thursday glue yarn on for hair

Friday add wiggly eyes and any other details (bows, scrunchies, etc.) The kids love to do this project. I add a sign with their name and then hang them all over the room. We normally leave these up all year. The kids love them and are very proud of their bodies!

Children love to be traced. On one special day, have them wear their favorite outfit. Outline them in their outfit. (girls: dresses, ponytails, hair bows, etc. boys: big shirts, ball caps, tennis shoes, etc.) You can also change their position running, jumping, hands on hips. Cut them out of their favorite color paper and hang around the room like a chain of paper dolls. The parents and kids alike enjoy finding themselves.

For our “All About Me” theme, we made cute wooden dolls. First the teachers hot glued craft sticks (find them at Dollar Stores) together to form the arms and legs. Then we hot glued a round wooden ball for the head. The children dressed their dolls using colored coffee filters (sprayed to look like tye-dyed) and various other materials, such as felt, gauze, ribbons, etc. They used yarn for hair and markers for the face. Each child tried to make the dolls look like themselves. They turned out so cute and it was interesting watching the children create dolls that really did express the child’s individual personalities.

To reinforce a child learning his or her house number, set out shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles and have the children glue them on a piece of construction paper to resemble a house. They can choose doors, windows, chimney, etc. (A large triangle shape can be the roof) Then talk with each child separately and see if they know their street address. I purchased a set of letter and number rubber stamps at.  let each child use the numbers to stamp their house number on the house they created from shapes. (An alternate idea is to draw house shapes on paper, make copies, let the children color or embellish the house to look like their own and then use the rubber stamps to put the house number on perhaps over the front door.)

Body Collage:

Paper bags Old magazines and newspapers Crayons

Cut the bags apart, then tape them together. Have the child lay on the bags, and you can trace their outline. While you are cutting the outline out, the children can cut out pictures that interest them in the magazines and newspapers. The pictures are then glued on the collage. Crayons can add the remaining details (eyes, nose, etc.)

I like to do family art day with my students and there parents. It is a way for all of us to get to know each other better…We all dress in clothes we can mess up. Then be break out paint, crayons, odds and ends of string tongue depressors fuzzy balls, glue and any thing else you can think of…We award each family a prize for their creation, and then display it for the whole center to see. We have tons of fun and laughs during this time.

AGE: any
OBJECTIVE: Have children paint with their feet to create a new type of designs as well as increase balance.
MATERIALS: Paint, paper, paper bags, water rags, music, and trays DIRECTIONS:
) Have children remove shoes and socks.
) Put newspaper or plastic under the art area.
) Have trays of paints near children.
) Let children paint freely with feet to music that the teacher is playing.
) After children are done, clean their feet in water tray and dry with the rags.

In our Nursery class we do a “ME” poster. “ME” spelled out) is cut out of a piece of tag board and the children take it home to decorate. They may glue photos, pictures activities, etc. Whatever tells the story of “ME” They then return it to class where it is displayed for all to see. Mom or Dad will then come in on their assigned day and read their favorite story to the class and talk about what is so special about their child. Nice way to make a
year old feel special and parents to be introduced to your classroom.

For the “All About Me” unit I cut out a variety of construction paper colors to resemble a hand held mirror. On copy paper I run the “glass” part of the mirror in an oval shape. Use real mirrors (housekeeping mirror, science mirrors) to allow the children to look at selves. Ask them to draw a picture of their face on the “mirror”. They cut it out and glue it onto the hand held mirror. Hang up on bulletin board to display.

For this art you will need black construction paper and cooked spaghetti. You use a white crayon and help the children write their names on the back, then you let them make a skeletal system by laying spaghetti strips on the paper and allowing it to dry overnight. No glue is necessary and it makes a striking art project. (this is one of those times you might make an example ahead of time, or show a picture)

Collage Me

Materials: White Poster Board Person Cut
out Collage Materials Markers/crayons

Procedure: Make a person pattern. Using this pattern cut out a person from the poster board and give to each student. Setting out the collage materials along with scissors and glue have the children use these to make a collage of themselves. Have different colored of yarn for hair, buttons or wiggle eyes for the eyes. etc. Have them decorate the person to look like themselves the clothes they are wearing that day and so one. I have done this with
year and Kindergarten children and they loved it!

Make a new friends quilt… Have children draw a picture of them self on construction paper.. punch holes in them and Sew them together with yarn.

We made a large banner to display outside out classroom when we did a unit on “My Family”. We cut out people shapes out of construction paper in pink and lt. blue, and each child picked out the numbers and colors for each member of their family. Then they colored in and drew each member of their family on each one of the people shapes. Then we glued them on a piece of butcher paper by their name that they wrote and wrote in next to each person their names.

For “all about Me” we make placemats. Each child is given a large piece of white construction paper and paint. they then make handprints all over the paper. I then place a picture of them in the upper left hand corner and write their names in bold black letter on the bottom of the paper. I clear contact each sheet. We then use these each day for snack. the children initially enjoy finding their faces on the placemats, and eventually, they read their names and the names of the other children in the class.

We purchased people books from the Classroom Direct company. on the cover the children drew a picture of their clothes, their face, glued on googly eyes,added yarn hair. During free art the children can choose to add things to the pages of their books, like I have a cat, I like….,My house is white, and draw pictures of these things. It was a huge hit with both parents and kids.

On picture day at our center I took wallpaper books and cut out picture frames. We then glued these to a sheet of paper and drew a circle in the frame. The kids glued googly eyes on and yarn hair. They drew their smiles and noses. We had either hair bows or bow ties for the boys cut out of wallpaper. The kids loved it and the parent’s had something to take home on a day that tends to be very hectic.

I teach year olds and when we have “All About Me” week we make a paper plate face. Allow the children to glue wiggle eyes on the paper plate, and draw a nose and a face. Have different colors of yarn for the hair. The children really like this activity . The children usually show how they feel by drawing a happy or a sad face.

All About Me Art