All About Me Art

This is a great music and art project combination. Each child has a paper plate, a piece of red paper with a smile drawn on it that they or the teacher cut out.
The paper mouth is then punched with a hole punch and with a brad poked in the paper plate where a mouth would go. The children then color the eyes, nose, ears and hair. All the while they are involved in this project the teachers are randomly singing the smile song. The children make the face smile or frown as the song directs.

No one likes a frowny face, Change it for a smile.
Make the world a better place, by smiling all the while.
If you chance to meet a smile , do not let it stay/ Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away.

For part of my “all about me” theme I have the students draw a self-portrait. Then I asked them simple questions, ex. How old are you, What do you like about school, How many people in your family, etc. I put the typed out version next to the portrait and then I have a display for Open House! The parents love seeing this, and it helps the students get to know each other.

A great idea for all about me: In a small group, have one child sit in the middle and the other children ‘examine’ this child. Point out skin color, eye, and hair color, big/small nose, glasses, freckles, etc. Then, have the child who was in the middle turn around and the other children try to draw a picture of that child from memory. Compare all the pictures and repeat with a different child in the middle.

I ask the parents to bring a picture of each of the family members (can just be any old snapshot or whatever) I let them know that the pictures will not be returned but used for an art project…I have a scanner so I copy the pictures and return them. Anyway..I let the kids make a family quilt with squares of material and the pictures cut into squares. The glue them onto a piece of poster board (I cut poster board into pieces) I add a nice ribbon and the parents love them!

I send home a tree pattern the first week of school with a note asking parents to help their child create a family tree. They can do anything they want as long as it is a family project done together. They turned out great and were very creative. Some drew pictures, some cutout pictures they were all decorated different. This was our first project to go on our class art bulletin board.