All About Me Art

Make a new friends quilt… Have children draw a picture of them self on construction paper.. punch holes in them and Sew them together with yarn.

We made a large banner to display outside out classroom when we did a unit on “My Family”. We cut out people shapes out of construction paper in pink and lt. blue, and each child picked out the numbers and colors for each member of their family. Then they colored in and drew each member of their family on each one of the people shapes. Then we glued them on a piece of butcher paper by their name that they wrote and wrote in next to each person their names.

For “all about Me” we make placemats. Each child is given a large piece of white construction paper and paint. they then make handprints all over the paper. I then place a picture of them in the upper left hand corner and write their names in bold black letter on the bottom of the paper. I clear contact each sheet. We then use these each day for snack. the children initially enjoy finding their faces on the placemats, and eventually, they read their names and the names of the other children in the class.

We purchased people books from the Classroom Direct company. on the cover the children drew a picture of their clothes, their face, glued on googly eyes,added yarn hair. During free art the children can choose to add things to the pages of their books, like I have a cat, I like….,My house is white, and draw pictures of these things. It was a huge hit with both parents and kids.

On picture day at our center I took wallpaper books and cut out picture frames. We then glued these to a sheet of paper and drew a circle in the frame. The kids glued googly eyes on and yarn hair. They drew their smiles and noses. We had either hair bows or bow ties for the boys cut out of wallpaper. The kids loved it and the parent’s had something to take home on a day that tends to be very hectic.