All About Me Art

AGE: any
OBJECTIVE: Have children paint with their feet to create a new type of designs as well as increase balance.
MATERIALS: Paint, paper, paper bags, water rags, music, and trays DIRECTIONS:
) Have children remove shoes and socks.
) Put newspaper or plastic under the art area.
) Have trays of paints near children.
) Let children paint freely with feet to music that the teacher is playing.
) After children are done, clean their feet in water tray and dry with the rags.

In our Nursery class we do a “ME” poster. “ME” spelled out) is cut out of a piece of tag board and the children take it home to decorate. They may glue photos, pictures activities, etc. Whatever tells the story of “ME” They then return it to class where it is displayed for all to see. Mom or Dad will then come in on their assigned day and read their favorite story to the class and talk about what is so special about their child. Nice way to make a
year old feel special and parents to be introduced to your classroom.

For the “All About Me” unit I cut out a variety of construction paper colors to resemble a hand held mirror. On copy paper I run the “glass” part of the mirror in an oval shape. Use real mirrors (housekeeping mirror, science mirrors) to allow the children to look at selves. Ask them to draw a picture of their face on the “mirror”. They cut it out and glue it onto the hand held mirror. Hang up on bulletin board to display.

For this art you will need black construction paper and cooked spaghetti. You use a white crayon and help the children write their names on the back, then you let them make a skeletal system by laying spaghetti strips on the paper and allowing it to dry overnight. No glue is necessary and it makes a striking art project. (this is one of those times you might make an example ahead of time, or show a picture)

Collage Me

Materials: White Poster Board Person Cut
out Collage Materials Markers/crayons

Procedure: Make a person pattern. Using this pattern cut out a person from the poster board and give to each student. Setting out the collage materials along with scissors and glue have the children use these to make a collage of themselves. Have different colored of yarn for hair, buttons or wiggle eyes for the eyes. etc. Have them decorate the person to look like themselves the clothes they are wearing that day and so one. I have done this with
year and Kindergarten children and they loved it!