All About Me Art

Children love to be traced. On one special day, have them wear their favorite outfit. Outline them in their outfit. (girls: dresses, ponytails, hair bows, etc. boys: big shirts, ball caps, tennis shoes, etc.) You can also change their position running, jumping, hands on hips. Cut them out of their favorite color paper and hang around the room like a chain of paper dolls. The parents and kids alike enjoy finding themselves.

For our “All About Me” theme, we made cute wooden dolls. First the teachers hot glued craft sticks (find them at Dollar Stores) together to form the arms and legs. Then we hot glued a round wooden ball for the head. The children dressed their dolls using colored coffee filters (sprayed to look like tye-dyed) and various other materials, such as felt, gauze, ribbons, etc. They used yarn for hair and markers for the face. Each child tried to make the dolls look like themselves. They turned out so cute and it was interesting watching the children create dolls that really did express the child’s individual personalities.

To reinforce a child learning his or her house number, set out shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles and have the children glue them on a piece of construction paper to resemble a house. They can choose doors, windows, chimney, etc. (A large triangle shape can be the roof) Then talk with each child separately and see if they know their street address. I purchased a set of letter and number rubber stamps at.  let each child use the numbers to stamp their house number on the house they created from shapes. (An alternate idea is to draw house shapes on paper, make copies, let the children color or embellish the house to look like their own and then use the rubber stamps to put the house number on perhaps over the front door.)

Body Collage:

Paper bags Old magazines and newspapers Crayons

Cut the bags apart, then tape them together. Have the child lay on the bags, and you can trace their outline. While you are cutting the outline out, the children can cut out pictures that interest them in the magazines and newspapers. The pictures are then glued on the collage. Crayons can add the remaining details (eyes, nose, etc.)

I like to do family art day with my students and there parents. It is a way for all of us to get to know each other better…We all dress in clothes we can mess up. Then be break out paint, crayons, odds and ends of string tongue depressors fuzzy balls, glue and any thing else you can think of…We award each family a prize for their creation, and then display it for the whole center to see. We have tons of fun and laughs during this time.