All About Me Art

All About Me Mobiles

I trace each child’s hand and foot on construction paper and then cut them out. (The children can cut depending on their cutting ability.) The children look through magazines and cut out
pictures of things they like. I then staple
of them together back to back, so you end up with
pictures. I also give each child a  piece of paper and he draws a picture of himself on it. We then tie varying lengths of string to the hand, foot, self-portrait and the mag. pics. Hang them from a clothes hanger. The kids get really excited about this project. (Caution: Do not let the children stand too close together when holding their mobiles. You end up with a tangled mess!

My class made a Personality Quilt. Each child took home on the first day of school and piece of felt and glued their pictures and things that describe their personalities (ex. dolls, cars, roses etc.) Put all the pieces together and make a beautiful quilt. Talk about different personalities. Get to know each other and get them excited about diversity!

We have our children paint their faces and/or bodies on a mirror. It washes off and the kids love it.

Paper plate faces are always fun.

You Need: paper plates, different colored yarn for the hair, different collage materials, and crayons.
Have the children look at themselves in a mirror, and tell them to create their face on the paper plate. It’s that simple!

Another twist on body tracing: This is a week long project.

On Monday, I trace each child’s body on huge rolls of white butcher paper.

On subsequent days of the week, the child adds different things to their “body”.

Tuesday, paint the clothes (I draw in the outline of the clothes to give them a guide)

Wednesday color or paint the skin with multicultural markers/paint

Thursday glue yarn on for hair

Friday add wiggly eyes and any other details (bows, scrunchies, etc.) The kids love to do this project. I add a sign with their name and then hang them all over the room. We normally leave these up all year. The kids love them and are very proud of their bodies!