All About Me Art

Our preschool room is really plain with white walls, so we are having the kids put there hand prints on the wall then when there dry write there names. The children like it because then they will no there special for having there hands on the wall and the room is original because each hand is different.

All About Me Art

Mirror Painting
Materials: Sheets of foil, Corn Syrup, Food Coloring, Plastic Spoons, Paint Shirts

Bowls Mix food coloring and corn syrup. Put on shirts. Allow children to paint on the foil using the spoons. Lay flat to dry.

I have children do a paper bag “self puppet”. They use crayons to make the facial features. We use yarn for the hair. I have various fabrics, and the children can “dress” themselves.

During our “Me” unit, I use shiny tinted window film that a local establishment gives me. I cut out a square shape for each child. They place it on the table in front of them, where they can see themselves reflected in the mirror paper. We use finger paints to fill in our facial features, according to the color of our eyes, hair, etc.

For our All About Me week, we made a page each day for our “All About Me” book

the first day was a handprint along with the words to the song “I Am Special” written around the handprint. The second page was fingerprints in the shape of a circle, with the words inside “My fingerprints are different from everyone in the whole wide world. The third day (page) was a self portrait. The fourth day was how old am I, how tall, and how much do I weigh. The fifth day was my favorite color and the kids cut/glued misc. collage materials and/or colored things with their favorite color(s). On the last day we put hole punches along the side and wove yarn through the holes to complete our book. Each day’s lessons were tied to the page for that day
it was an exceptional week and the kids were exceptionally proud of their book at the end!