Airplane Games

Tape # cards to a row of chairs. Then make duplicate # cards to act as “tickets”. Give each child a ticket and have he or she match the numbers and find their correct seat. Pretend you are on an airplane. Then pretend you are the ticket taker and sing related songs as you drive or fly along!

Take a suitcase to Circle Time. Tell the children you are taking a trip on an airplane (train, boat,…) but don’t know what to pack in your suitcase to take with you. Ask if the children have any  ideas. After getting their ideas, say, “Let’s see how I did packing my suitcase. Do I need to take _____?” (pull out a pair of underwear for example-I took a pair of my son’s) “How about this_______?” (pull out an egg beater) Discuss why each item is needed or not.