Advent Songs

Advent Songs

Advent Songs

Advent songs for preschoolers through 2nd grade.

Sung to “Jimmy Crack Corn”
Light 1 candle Advent’s here (3x)
Christmas time is near. (clap, clap)

Repeat up to 4 candles. Light a candle each week you sing the verse.

I work at a Catholic school (although I am not Catholic). We do a type of procession for advent. We put an advent wreath in the center of our circle and then four candles. We talk about the candles and then each candle is given to a child to hold (not burning of course). We also give a child the Bible and another a bell. The rest of the children line up behind these and we proceed around the room. There is a tape “Seeds” which has a song, “Jesus is coming”. We do this procession during the song. The children love it and it gives a real sense of importance to Jesus’ upcoming birth.



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