Advent Arts and Crafts

Advent Arts and Crafts

Advent Arts and Crafts

Advent arts and crafts for preschoolers through second grade.

A really cute Advent Star for the countdown to Christmas for young children.

Make a star with a slit just below the center. Have children make 24 paper chains (if starting on Dec. 1) Attach paper chain to the center of the star and add the following poem.

Each evening after prayers are said, take off one ring and jump in bed.

When only the star is left to shine, then you’ll know its Christmas time.

I don’t remember where I found this cute idea but it was a hit in my preschool program for 20 years.

Advent Wreath

This may be a little messy- but the kids love it. I use it for my 3rd-grade Religious Ed class.

You will need 1/2C rice, 1/4C glue, and about 3 drops of green food coloring for each wreath. Mix everything together and pour onto wax paper and shape into a wreath (or use the lid of a large butter container. Place 4 birthday candles (in Advent colors) around the wreaths. You can also decorate the wreath by using Christmas themed confetti or punch out paper from red construction paper. Let dry overnight. Light the candles for each Sunday of Advent.

My pre-school class makes advent wreath banners. In advance, I prepare the banner by hot gluing a 9×12 piece of felt to a dowel rod and tie a piece of yarn to hang. I precut green holly leaves and purple and pink candles. The class glues the holly leaves in a circular shape on the banner and then adds the candles. I send home flames cut from yellow felt so the children can add flames as they ‘light’ one candle for each week of advent. The banner can be used again each year (the flames will stick to the felt, no need to glue them). I also send home a simple prayer and explanation for each candle, 3 purple candles represent Hope, Peace, and Love, and 1 pink represents Joy.

Every year we make an advent calendar. This year we made one with a nativity scene. On a large piece of black construction paper, using a white crayon, list the days in December. Start with 25 at the top of the paper and count down to 1, spacing over the top half of the paper only. These numbers will be covered each day with a silver star sticker, the number 25 being covered last with a large yellow construction paper star. By painting both of the children’s hands brown, and placing them sideways so that thumbs are down and fingers pointing toward each side of the paper (right fingers point to the left side of the paper, and left fingers to the right side of paper), you will make a manger. We then glued straw down and placed baby Jesus in the manger (small circle of flesh felt, oval body out of blue construction paper, wiggle eyes, and gold glitter halo). We then placed a stable over the baby (two rectangles for the sides and a “v” for the top, cut out of tan construction paper). Every day the children come in and tell me they put their stars in the sky!

Advent wreath: You will need green, pink, and purple finger paint. The teacher paints a green circle around the outside of the palm of the child’s hand. Then paint the third finger pink and the other three fingers purple, do not paint the thumb. The children then press there hand down on a sheet of construction paper. After it dries add flames at the tips of the fingers for candles.

Advent wreath For each child you need 4 toilet paper tubes, a 12″ circle of cardboard, four 6″ squares of yellow tissue paper, a 2 ft. piece of artificial garland, pink, purple and green tempera paint, and gold glitter.

Paint 3 TP tubes purple and 1 pink. Paint the cardboard circle green. Cut slits around the bottom of each TP tube, about 1/2 inch up, and hot-glue onto the green base so that the “candles” stand up. Hot-glue the artificial greenery around the candles. Fold the yellow tissue paper to look like a flame, and dip in watered down glue, then in glitter. Put the “flame” down inside the candle tubes. Each week the child can reach into the tube and pull up a flame–until all four are lit. My kids and parents loved this last year!

Each year the children make an Advent wreath. I mix up a simple salt dough recipe with the children. We add green food coloring to the dough. After it cools a little, I let the children help knead the dough. Then each child rolls their piece out like a snake. They then make it into a circle by joining the two ends to form the circle. Take an unsharpened pencil and make four holes in the “wreath’. Bake until the wreath hardens, usually about 1 hour at 250 degrees. When it is cool, let the children add candles to the wreath. Three purple and 1 pink. Let the children take it home at the beginning of Advent and their parents can light a candle the first week, two the second week, three the third week, and finally, all four are lit on Christmas.

Advent Wreaths

For Advent this year, I pre-cut the centers out of paper plates. Each day the children traced their hand on green construction paper and cut it out. Next, I had them tell me one gift they could give to baby Jesus (they could share, they could help their parents, etc…) and I wrote it on the hand. We stapled the hands to the cut-out plate and by the time school finished, we had a beautiful advent wreath. On the last day, we dipped our fingers in red paint and dabbed some berries onto our wreaths. I added a large red bow to the bottom and the parents were thrilled!

Advent Arts and Crafts Goodie Chain

This is a yummy treat and a great way to count down the days before Christmas!

I enjoy Chocolate kisses but use your favorite candy.

1. You will need several strips of BLUE cellophane wrap.

blue is the color of Advent in most churches. Some use purple and in that case, using purple may work better for you.

Those who do not use liturgical colors can use assorted colors or traditional red and green.

2. Assemble the cellophane along with 27 pieces of wrapped candy some clear tape and some thin white ribbon cut in 1″ pieces.

3. Twist one end of the cellophane strip and attach an Advent prayer or thought with a piece of white ribbon.

4.Next fold up the two sides horizontally and tape them together to make a tube.

5. Insert 1 piece of candy twist and tie off with a piece of ribbon.

6. Repeat # 5 for each day of Advent.

7. When you are done (27 days in 2003). twist the end and twist tie and tape off the end.

8. Send home for children to share with their family as an Advent Countdown YUMMMMM!

This Advent arts and crafts ideas has been a hit!

Have a sign-up sheet so you will know how many families to plan for. Invite families to come to an advent wreath workshop. Each family will go home with an advent wreath with real candles, an advent calendar (purchase online or made), and a weekly family devotion used when they light each candle. First get one 8×8 sturdy piece of plywood for each family(hardware stores might donate this). Next drill 5 holes in the board and screw in 5 screws. This is what will keep the candles in place. Get 3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white taper candle for each wreath. (Candles can be purchased online for about .40-.45 cents each) Next, have about 18 inches of greenery and place it around the candles. The total cost is about $6 per wreath and you can ask for donations or charge a workshop fee.

Advent Arts and Crafts