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Back To School Poems

Back To School Poems Back to school poems for educators and parents.

Back To School Preschool Curriculum and Ideas

Back To School Preschool Curriculum and Ideas Back to school preschool curriculum and ideas to help educators and parents plan for the new year.  

Classroom Ideas For Fall

Five Hundred Free Fall Activities For Preschoolers

Free Fall Activities For Parents and Teachers of Preschoolers

Back To School Songs

The Wheels on the Bus I used this with my class of nine (4 year olds) when we were in dramatic play. I used chairs…

Back To School Ideas

We are thinking of next year already, and have decided that we are going with an outdoor backyard theme for the fall.

Back To School Bulletin Boards

Each September we get a new group of kids coming into the classroom.

Back To School Games

During the first few days of school, my 4-year-olds play this little game with me as a way of becoming familiar with the classroom.

Back To School Art

I did this project with my preschoolers and they loved it! You need yellow & black paint, crayons, and egg cartons.

Back To School Science

At the beginning of each year, I introduce the concept of cooperation by performing this simple experiment: Gather a class supply of old, “dirty” pennies,…

Back To School Snacks

We make “Me Soup”. Each child brings in their favorite soup ingredient.

Separation Anxiety Tips

Separation anxiety…  Nothing is more exciting and terrifying than the first day of school. Many of the children who come into your classroom will have…

Family Games

During a family unit in Kindergarten I did a math lesson that involved puppets.

Germ Games

After reading a story about how germs are spread on hands, the teacher puts some glitter on her hands and says,

God Made My Family Art

We made a large banner to display outside out classroom when we

Friendship Games

Friendship Memory: Take a picture of each child. Make two copies and glue each on a card, writing the child’s name below the picture.

Friendship Science

Friendship flower: Have each child pick a partner and they will be given one carnation per 2 children.

Friendship Art

I draw a huge tree shape including branches.

Friendship Snacks

Friendship Pizza Take sugar cookie dough and roll it out into a circle big enough to fit in a pizza pan.

Friendship Songs

A fellow teacher had taught us this song a couple years ago as we were saying goodbye to our 5 year olds.