4th of July Preschool Songs

Sung to the tune “London Bridge”
Beat a drum, march along, march along, march along Beat a drum march along, It’s America’s birthday!

Wave a flag, sing a song, sing a song, sing a song, Wave a flag sing a song, It’s America’s Birthday!

this is a cute little song that can be sung to the melody of “i’m a little teapot”
I taught this to my class of 4 year old children, we made individual USA flags and sang it to the entire school at morning assembly.

title: wave a little flag
author: (unknown)
wave a little flag, red, white and blue
America belongs to me and to you.
wave a little flag and help us pray
God, please bless the USA

To the tune of: “3 blind mice”

Red, white, blue
Red, white, blue
Stars and stripes too
Stars and stripes too
We celebrate Independence Day
Each July 4th, the American Way
With red, white, blue


Tah, rah, rah boom dee-ay I’ll fly my flag today Way high up in the sky I’ll wave as I go by

I’ll dress in red and blue And maybe some white too I’ll march and cheer and shout Until I’m all worn out

So-o-o look for me today I’m leading the parade I’ll have my flag in hand To celebrate our land HIP HIP HOORAY!

Tune to “Oh My Darlin”

Beat a Drum,

March along give a cheer-hip hip horray

Wave a Flag,

Sing a Song

It’s July Fourth today

See the fireworks, in the sky give a cheer- hip hip hooray

Happy Birthday to America

How we love the USA!

AT THE FIREWORK SHOW  Sung to “London Bridge”

All together here we go,

here we go,

here we go,

All together here we go,

to the fireworks show.

I like fireworks, don’t you know,

don’t you know,

don’t you know,

I like fireworks don’t you know,

at the fireworks show.

They make such a pretty sight,

pretty sight,

pretty sight,

they make such a pretty sight.

WOW! The fireworks show.

ON INDEPENDENCE DAY Sung to “Mary had a little Lamb

Fireworks go snap,snap,snap!

Cra ck, crack, crack!

Zap, zap, zap!

Fireworks make me clap,clap,clap

On Independence Day!

Boom Bang! Boom, bang, boom bang!

Rumpety, lumpety, hump!

Zoom, zam, zoom, zam!

Clippety, clappety, clump!

Rustles and bustles And swishes and zings!

What wonderful noises Fireworks bring!