4th of July Preschool Snacks

Fourth of July Fruit Salad Bananas, strawberries, blue grapes (or blueberries) I let the children assist with washing the fruit and cutting the fruit into slices with plastic knives. They helped to mix it all together in a large bowl and spoon it into individual paper plates. They ate it with a spoonful of cool whip on top…………and they loved it. They ate the entire bowl.



Blueberries Strawberries Vanilla yogurt Clear plastic cups

Have children place one layer (one scoop) of blueberries into their cup.

Then 2 scoops of yogurt.

Then 1 scoop of sliced strawberries.

Then one more scoop of yogurt.

It is great to include the children in the preparation of the fruit from washing it, slicing it (if appropriate for your children) and pouring it into bowls.

We also use REBUS cards with pictures and words for each step so the children can read the directions on their own.

Fourth of July Smoothie:

Put in blender raspberries, blueberries, vanilla yogurt, and milk.

Graham Cracker Flags: Gather a few packages of graham crackers, white frosting, ice cream sticks, small paper cups, and red white and blue food coloring. Give each child 3 paper cups with a tablespoon of frosting inside each cup. Drop food coloring in each cup 1 red 1 blue 1 white. Give each child an ice cream stick and instruct them to mix the food coloring into each cup. Then allow designing the flag using the frosting on the cracker.