4th of July Preschool Snacks

Follow directions on any Rice Krispie Cereal box to make a pan of rice krispie treats. Once set, use a star shaped cookie cutter to make star shapes. Decorate star with sprinkles (red colored ones work very well). When finished, have each child put a popsicle stick threw the middle to hold there star shaped snack!

4th of July Jell-O Treats. materials: clear plastic cups, strawberry or raspberry Jell-O, blueberry Jell-O, Cool-Whip.

Make each package of Jell-O separately, according to directions. To set, pour into 9″x13″ cake pans. When firmly set, cut Jell-O into 1/2″ to 1″ cubes. Let children scoop a layer of blue Jell-O into their cup, then a spoonful of cool whip, followed by a layer of red Jell-O. Top with additional cool whip. Enjoy!

I shared this idea with my online group teaching children at egroups.com (http://www.egroups.com/group/teachingchildren) and it was very well received! You can use this for any “patriotic holiday”! It could end up being the beginning of a cool science project too! Beverly

Patriot’s Punch

One way to make a splash this Fourth of July is by treating your kids to tall glasses of Patriot’s Punch. Simply fill one or more ice cube trays with a red and one or more trays with blue fruit-flavored beverage and let the cubes freeze solid. Then drop three or four colored cubes into each glass, pour in flavored seltzer water or clear soda, and watch the special effects. As the cubes melt, colored bubbles will swirl through the seltzer!

POP ROCKS, are candy you can find about at any store that carries candy. Oriental Trading online carries them also.

Make up cupcakes and put the Pop Rocks in the frosting. When the hit your tongue they start popping!

Flag Snacks (Great for Fourth of July also) Graham crackers Pretzel sticks White Frosting Star-shaped cereal

Have each child spread frosting on the graham cracker square. Then, they place the pretzels on the cracker as the stripes are on the flag. Stars go up in the corner of their flag snack. Frosting can be tinted red if desired.