4th of July Preschool Snacks

Patriotic Parfaits


Vanilla yogurt
Low sugar blueberry pie filling OR frozen blueberries
Low sugar cherry pie filling OR frozen cherries
See-through plastic cups

Let the children layer the red cherries, white yogurt, and blueberries in their clear cup. YUM!!!

4th of July Edible Firecrackers

White bread
Red or purple jelly

Use a slice of white bread, with the crust cut off.
Flatten it.
Spread either red or purple jelly on the flattened bread.
Roll up the bread.
Insert a piece of licorice in the middle for the fuse.
Voila!!! You have an edible firecracker.

American Flag Veggie Plate

Ok…….this is soooooo cool!!! I did this for Memorial Day. Here is what you will need:

1 cookie sheet
1 shallow, square container
1 piece of poster board
Cherry tomatoes
Cauliflower stalks

Have the children help you wash the cherry tomatoes, cauliflower stalks, and blueberries.

Put the blueberries in the shallow container. Place it on the cookie sheet in the upper left-hand corner.

Cut the poster board so it goes from the edge of the shallow container to the edge of the cookie sheet. You will also need several pieces of poster board that goes spans the entire length of the cookie sheet.

Place one of the pieces of poster board about two inches down from the top of the cookie sheet and have the children fill the space with tomatoes.

Take another piece of poster board and place it two inches down and fill the space with cauliflower. Keep alternating tomatoes and cauliflower until you get to the end of the cookie sheet.

Viola!!!!!!! Now, you have a yummy American flag! You can also cut star fruit and place them on top of the blueberries for added fun.

Firework Cake!!!!!!

For a fantastic creative treat, Make regular yellow cake in a big rectangular pan, follow the directions on the box. Then with a disk shaped cookie cutter, cut the cake into about 5 disks. Mix Red Pop Rocks into red icing or Vanilla with red food coloring. Then place the disks on top of one another with a layer of cool whip in between each. Surround the sides and top with your “popping” icing and add a sparkler to the top before serving. This will represent a fireworks fuse!

Everyone will be amazed to see such a sparkling desert!

Dip Pretzel Rods half way in white chocolate (or coat with white frosting). Then, before the chocolate sets, roll the pretzel rod in red and blue sprinkles. Presto, you have edible sparklers.

Red, white, and blue yogurt cups.

They need vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries. Give each child a cup of vanilla yogurt and have them mix in strawberries and blueberries and enjoy. Watch out for allergies.