4th of July Preschool Art

To make awesome firework designs, I put about 5 – 6 different colors of tempra paint on a plate so that the colors are touching . Do not mix the colors though. Then, I have the children use a popsicle stick or tongue depressor to dip the long edge of the stick into the paint across the colors. Then, the children may print it onto construction paper. You may need to show them how to put it into an “X” then a “I” through the middle and lastly a “-” throught that. So that it makes a star design, and there you’ll have beautiful, vibrant fireworks! (even though this may sound a bit complex or hard to visualize what it may look like, it is very fun and ages 2 and up may participate, obviously with more assistance given. Also,it looks just as great if they don’t make it into a “star-shape” but to create thier own designs.) TIP: this art looks best if used on black construction paper.*have fun*

Dip net dish scrubber into gold paint and other colors as well. Press onto black construction paper to represent fireworks.