4th of July Preschool Art

For fireworks, pour watered down tempera paint on a paper plate or shallow container; have kids dip toothbrushes in paint, bend brisltes back with fingers onto black construction paper. Creates a neat “spray” design. Sprinkle lightly with glitter for an even more sparkley effect.

Blow Painting:

Give each child a white piece of construction paper and a straw. Explain that you will be dropping a few drops of tempera paint (diluted red and blue) on their papers. Once the paint is on the paper, they are to blow the paint around with the straw to look like fireworks.

Fire Crackers:

Have the children make “4th of July Firecrackers” by painting a toilet paper tube red, white, or blue. After paint has dried, glue red, white and blue crepe paper streamers to tube. For variation, close off one end and fill with rice; then close off to make a noise shaker. After ends are glued shut, then glue on streamers. Children can stick on stars. Then play a variety of patriotic songs such as Yankee Doodle, Stars and Stripes Forever, You’re a Grand Old Flag, etc. and let the children march and dance to the music.

Independence Day Bells: Give each child a paper cup and sheet of tinfoil and have them “wrap” the cup creating a silver bell.Help children poke popsicle sticks through top of “bell”, securing popsicle stick with tape. Let each child thread a short piece of string/yarn through a bead or washer and tie to inside portion of popsicle stick.Have children decorate bells as desired.

Another way to make “fireworks” is to put a small dab of red and blue paint on a white sheet of paper and give the children straws to “blow paint.” By blowing into the straw onto the paint, it will cause the paint to spread and look like fireworks. Fun! Fun!