4th of July Preschool Art

To make cute 4th of July window hangings, have the children brush liquid starch on a clear plastic plate, then let them tear up an stick on pieces of red, white, and blue streamers, tissue paper, napkins, stars, etc. I used shiny confetti stars also and napkins with fireworks on them – the starch soaks through the thin pieces (if they put a lot of decorations on you may have to brush starch on top also)and you can see through either side. The kids loved it and it came out really cute!

Fireworks for the 4th: I let my class collect pine needles that have fallen from the trees near our playground. I tape groups of these needles together, and the children use them as paintbrushes. For the best effect, use a white piece of construction paper, and give the children 2 or 3 different colors of tempera paint; yellow and red look lovely together!

firework bursts *koosh balls of asstd sizes *paint(thin-on a flat surface) *glitter *black paper

have children dip koosh balls into the paint and then stamp onto their paper. when finished, sprinkle multi color glitter over the paint. finished result looks like firework bursts in the night sky. **works great if you have that new paint-gel that has glitter already mixed in it and eliminates the second part.

This is a festive 4th of July art project!

This is a two stage project. First, cut blue construction paper in half lengthwise. Have each child sponge paint stars on one piece of the construction paper.

On the other end of the table, put a piece of white construction paper in a pizza box. Put marbles dipped in red tempera in the box and let the children roll them around.

After the paint has dried, cut the red and white paper into strips about an inch wide. Staple the two ends of the blue paper design together then staple the strips of red and white paper so that they are hanging down from the blue piece to make a great windsock!

Poke two holes in the top of the top of the blue star paper and insert yarn, knot it at the top and viola! A festive patriotic decoration they are proud to display!

“B.B.Q. Hamburgers” What’s “The Fourth” without a B.B.Q picnic? Cut out 2 round hambuger buns ror each child from brown const. paper. Then from black paper cut out a patty, and from green paper,lettuce, and from red a tomatoe slice, and you might want cheese to go on your ‘burger so a cut out of cheese from yellow paper. Have the children paste it together as they think a hamburger should be. You could do the same basic 6-30-99 with hotdog shapes. As a final touch to your picnic, glue hamburgers to paper plates, and add cut-out chips.