4th of July Preschool Art

Patriotic Flags:

Go to Home Depot and grab a bunch of sticks (to mix the paint, they are free). Divide the sticks in three parts, have the children paint one blue, one red and the other one white (for the little ones you can cover two parts of the stick with tape so they don’t mix the colors) and let it dry and then put stars on the blue part of the stick (use star shape stickers. It looks very pretty).

We did this with our 3’s and up. You need medium or large baby food jars, red, white and blue tempra paint and sticker stars. You then can use old sponges or paint brushes to paint the inside of a baby jar red or blue. We did red for the girls and blue for the boys. Set aside to dry. It doesn’t matter if their are some streaks. Next you need to put the sticker stars on the outside of the jar. These can be in any order or design. Just don’t cover the whole thing. At this point we put the white tempra paint over the top of the baby jar, stars included. This might need to be done twice. Set aside to dry. When dry peel the stickers off. The color on the inside should be revealed in the shape of a star. We put votive candles on the inside of our baby jars and made our own 4th of July light. It looks almost like stained glass and is non-flammable. Good luck!

3-D Fireworks:

Mix a batch of clear gelatin (Sur-Jel) Have children choose any small or medium size container to use as a Jell-O mold. Bowls work well, but the more interesting the better. Once the Jell-O sets well, remove from the mold and place upside down on plate or work surface. Using colored water or tempra paint (red, blue, etc…) in eye droppers, have the kids insert the droppers into the middle of the jell and slowly remove as they squeeze in the colors. Repeat around the mold until the desired 3-D fireworks production is complete. To add to the effect, play Patriotic music or Marches in the background!

Mix dish detergent, water, and tempura paint in three bowls. Make one bowl red, and one blue. Have the children dip bubble blowing sticks in the bowls and they will blow the blue and red bubbles on a white sheet of paper. It looks neat to see all different creations.

Provide red…white…blue tempera paint in 3 meat trays, one for each color. In each meat tray put a gadget that is a stick with sponge loops on the end…(It’s a bathroom item that I got at a 1.00 store. Stamp the paint onto a black paper. It ends up looking like firework clusters in the dark sky.