4th of July Preschool Art

Our class uses bingo markers, and glitter on white paper to make fireworks. Just dab (splat) the paper with red and blue markers and while still wet, sprinkle with glitter, (we use silver) we then hang them in the room from the ceiling, and as they turn from the air circulation, they sparkle like fireworks. Even the parents comment on how festive they look. Have fun!!!:-)

This is the cutest idea for a hat. You have the children or if they’re younger you can, cut out the shape of an Uncle Sam hat and let them glue on stars and stripes. Then you take a paper plate and cut out the middle then you glue or staple half of it to the back of the hat and the other part turns into a white beard. They look like little Uncle Sams they turn out so cute. If have questions you can email me.

After showing the children pictures of fireworks, We make our own with bottles of glitter-glue. We draw chalk lines and let the children follow the lines for the first one and let them try a second one on their own.

To celebrate Flag Day and the 4th of July my daycare kids help make a hand & footprint banner. Using a white sheet and red fabric paint we helped the children put hand and footprints in rows on the flag. Then they all got to help paint the blue field. Then we used white paint and handprints for the stars.
We decided to clothespin it to the fence.
One of my older school age kids called our local paper and they took a picture for the paper.