4th of July Preschool Art

Hand Print Wreath:

Trace children’s hands on white, red and blue poster board and cut four hand prints out for each color. Trace a dinner plate and put a dessert plate in the middle to trace. Cut them out to form a wreath. Glue the hand prints to the wreath. Then decorate the hand prints with Fourth of July star stickers or glue poster cut-outs on the hands. you can use glitter too.

blue construction paper, large
sponge stars
blue paint

Sponge paint star shapes in blue paint, after paint dries roll tape together and glue two white and two red strips on one end and on other make two hole punches and thread yarn through creating a 4th of July wind sock.

Have the children take any kind of small bouncy ball and cover it in paint. Then put white or any color of paper on the floor and have the children bounce it on the paper.

It makes kind of a fireworks appearance and of course, it’s messy, so unless you have really neat kids, it probably should be done outside.

using corrugated cardboard. separate the cardboard so that the bumpy part is exposed. Cut the cardboard into shapes (such as stars for the 4th of July or Christmas trees for Christmas) then use these sections to paint onto shirts or paper.

wind sock: Take a blue strip of paper about 4 inches wide and 12 inches long. Glue white stars on it. glue strips of red and white tissue paper on the long edge. staple or glue 4inch sides of blue paper together. punch holes on top and put the string.