Rainbow Art

Rainbow Wands:

Cut paper plates in half. Let children draw rainbows on both sides. Then attach colorful streamers to one end of the rainbow. Depending on the age group you may or may not attach a small dow rod to the end without the streamers.

Rainbow Shakers:

Fold a paper plate in half, let the children paint or color rainbows on both sides of the plate. Fill plate with rice, beans, rocks, whatever noisy thing you can find and staple edges of plate closed.

Using toilet paper rolls glue different colored streamers to one end. Let dry and then play music to let the children make their own movement rainbows.

I had my class paint each of their fingers a color of the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow , Green and Purple and press it onto a paper. When it is dry they cut out their hand and paste it onto a popsicle stick. Then they sing the following song to “I’m a little teapot” tune. I can make a rainbow you can too. Red, orange, yellow, green and purple too. Mix them all together and start brand new, I can make make a rainbow you can too! Each morning at circle time during this unit or the weather unit we get these out and sing the song.

Tear small pieces of different colored paper or tissue paper about 1″x1″, and have the children glue them onto a large rainbow shaped paper to make a mosaic rainbow. I got this idea from a friend and she even suggested that you could do just one color per day.