Rainbow Art

With our kids at work we make what is called a junk art rainbow and first you make a giant cut out of a rainbow and but it on the wall then they all take things from junk art that are the colors of the rainbow and glue them to the right color like for example a purple yarn goes on the purple part of the rain bow it looks really neat when your done.

My special education students were given the outline of a rainbow on blue construction paper. They then sorted fruit loops and glued them in the correct location on the paper. We completed the first few together, so they placed the colors in the correct order. Once the fruit loops were in place, they glued cotton balls at the ends of their rainbows. This is a great sorting and fine motor activity.

Colorful Rice Rainbows! Dye rice different colors of the rainbow. Draw a rainbow on paper and allow the children to glue the rice on the rainbow, one color at a time. This is great for color review!

Rainbow Picture
Fruit Loop Cereal

My Friend actually gave me the idea, she was a pre-school teacher and now I am. This activity works great with 3 and 4 year olds. Draw a picture of a rainbow with clouds at each end. Make Xerox copies of this picture and have your kids color it using Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue and Purple. Then after they are finished coloring separate the different colors of Fruit Loop cereal into separate piles and have them glue the red fruit loops to the red part of the rainbow and the green onto the green etc. Then at the end have them glue cotton onto the clouds. Let dry over night and poof! You have beautiful rainbows to hang in your classroom. This is great to do on a rainy day. You can also teach you kids the song “Rain Rain go Away”! And after you are finished each child can have a cup of fruit loops, they really loved that part ūüôā

Wow. finally an idea for preschoolers to make rainbows that really works! cut out circles that gradually get bigger of these colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The children glue stick them together right on top of each other. Let it dry and cut in half.. tape back to back and presto, a rainbow! You can hang these from the ceiling and each one still looks unique because the children will not all glue them on straight… very nice.

Tissue paper rainbow.

Pre-cut tissue paper in rainbow colors (small squares).
Cut a half circle for each student.
Glue squares on the half circle in the order of the rainbow to make the rainbow stick out. Let dry over night and then add long streamers from the bottom and add a yarn hanger at the top to display the rainbows in your class.