Backward Day Snacks

Backward Day Snacks:  My son loves sandwich rolls (flour tortillas rolled with meat and cheese inside them). A neat lunch for a backward day would be to make them with the meat and cheese on the outside. Serve with a bowl of salsa that you spoon onto chips instead of dipping the chips into the salsa.

We allow (once a month) for a Backwards Day LUNCH! On any typical day, the children always start eating their proteins first and then work on any other food items and save the dessert for last. But on Backwards Day, for lunch, they get to eat their dessert first as long as they promise to eat their proteins afterward. It always works!

Make upside down cupcakes!  Bake regular cupcakes.  While they are cooling, put frosting on the bottom of paper cupcake holders.  Put the cooled cupcakes on top of the frosting.

Eat soup for breakfast and cereal for lunch!

Backward Day

Dance in the Rain


Twelve years ago, I was well on my way to teaching early childhood education full-time in a college or university setting. Then…the storm came.

I started to be short of breath all the time. My legs swelled so much that my skin cracked and water leaked out. Over the period of three months, I went to several different cardiologists and left without any answers. Continue reading Dance in the Rain

Celebrating High Chair Philosophers

What do sippy cups have to do with STEM learning? Definitely more than you might think, says Elisabeth McClure, recent Cooney Center fellow and lead author of STEM Starts Early, a 2017 report produced by New America and the Cooney Center. Every day, early learners lay groundwork for more advanced science, technology, engineering, and … 

Can Typical Educational Games Support Learning Within Curriculum?

The potential of digital games for education is enhanced by the fact that digital games are everywhere. In 2008, the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 97 percent of those ages 12–17 played computer, web, portable, or console games, and 50 percent of them reported daily or near-daily gameplay. Another Pew … 

Introducing the Diversity Sauce Podcast

Recently, with support from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, the Kids’ Inclusive and Diverse Media Action Project (KIDMAP) relaunched the former Diversity in Apps podcast under a new name: “Diversity Sauce.” Twice a month on Diversity Sauce, we discuss the latest on diversity and inclusion, and interview key players in the children’s media … 

Grow Jack’s Beanstalk in Your Classroom!

When I do one of my fairy tale units with my students, I tell them the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” and use fun props. My magic beanstalk that grows to the ceiling is my favorite prop! This prop idea came from another preschool teacher that’s a genius, and whom I absolutely adore. I wonder if she knows my students have been loving and adoring her beanstalk prop for years now?

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Make a Play Mat! Build Letter Knowledge!

My Little Reader has been really into Tonka’s Chuck Trucks lately. They have a Chuck Truck show on Netflix, which is the driving the force behind this current obsession of his.

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