Month: April 2017

Take A Stand Against Education Budget Cuts In Washington

According to the average hourly pay for early childhood educators in the United States is only $12.28. On the low end, it’s $9.31 per hour.…

Biters: Why They Do It and What To Do About It

Biters: Why They Do It and What To Do About It Although biting isn’t “abnormal” in the sense that one out of ten toddlers and…

Constructive Strategies

Aggression and Cooperation: Helping Young Children Develop Constructive Strategies. Jan Jewett EDO-PS-92-10 In the past two decades, our understanding of the early roots of children’s…

What Makes This 52 Year Old Preschool Teacher Smile?

The answer to the question above is Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah!  Music is a huge part of my life.  It makes me smile.  It provides…

Thinking Of Waiting A Year To Enroll Your Child In Kindergarten? 

Academic redshirting, the practice of holding kids back a year before enrolling them in kindergarten, has been debated for years. A new article attempts to…

Creation Songs

He’s got the whole wide world in his hands,

New Testament Ideas

By accident, after listening to The Donut Man’s Matthew 5:16 song

New Testament Games

I altered the popular “Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone” game to fit

New Testament Art

Take a brown paper bag and make a puppet of a shepherd–then take

New Testament Snacks

When studying the story of the Feeding of the 5,000, a great snack is