Month: January 2017

Finding Words in Paint: How Artists See Dyslexia

It’s the most common learning disability, yet it’s hard to understand. We asked six artists who have dyslexia to share their experiences in images. Source:…

Groundhog Day Curriculum

After explaining and discussing shadows, use a projector to create

Groundhog Day Snacks

Idea: NOTE—-Idea contains nuts Bake cupcakes & frost white for snow.

Groundhog Day Songs

Groundhog’s Day, I looked around,

Groundhog Day Art

If you want to take the Groundhog Day hat to a new level simply

Groundhog Day Games

I cut out large circles from black construction paper.

Let Your Kids Get Messy

Researchers have proven, to the chagrin of Martha Stewart moms, that kids learn better when they get messy. Source: I Know It’s A Pain In…

Black History Month Science

Talk with the children about George Washington Carver. Tell them about the wonderful discoveries he came across using the peanut ( peanut butter, soap, oil.)

Black History Month Games

After reading the children a story about the inventor Garret Morgen (inventor of the traffic light) play the game red-light-green light-one two three.

Black History Month Snacks

Idea: NOTE–Snack contains nuts When you discuss George Washington Carver, why not make home-made peanut butter?!

Chinese New Year Curriculum

Shine Your Pennies

Chinese New Year Art

Find out what animal represents the present year

Chinese New Year Snacks

My kids loved reading the book The Runaway Rice Cake.

Chinese New Year Games

Make a Chinese abacus using Cheerios or a similar cereal.

Chinese New Year Songs

Dragon Dance Song (sung to: Mary Had A Little Lamb) We make masks to use with this song.

2016 Children’s Book Award Winners

Check out the NAYEC best children’s books picks for 2016.  Do you agree? Source: 2016 Children’s Book Award Winners | National Association for the Education…