Month: August 2016

Bug Science

Science/Nature Center Idea My kids love bugs!  We often go out to hunt and collect bugs.  I have nets and containers with magnifying glasses on them…

Bug Songs

Tune: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen (x2),

Monster Science

A good sensory activity is to put 2 different colored spoonfuls of Jell-O into a Ziploc baggie.

Monster Art

For a great monster idea, I cut a bed shape from poster board and then glue a small piece of colored construction paper where the…

Monster Games

Make a math monster. We named our Mortimer and he was a shoe box with a big mouth cut out and decorated with fun foam.

Monster Snacks

MONSTER TOAST 1. Make the “paint” by adding food coloring to a glass of milk.

Monster Songs

I made this silly song up for one of my preschool students when they wanted a “monster song”. It has been a hit and most…

Printable Fall Curriculum

Click on the links below for printable Fall curriculum ideas to use in your classroom.  You can also share these activities with parents in a…

School Bus

I used this with my class of nine (4-year-olds) when we were in dramatic play.

Bat Games

Hang cord from ceiling attaching another end to a frosted bat-shaped sugar cookie (I write children’s name’s on them).

Bat Art

Cut out a bat body shape from black or brown construction paper for each child.

Helping Traumatized Children

Fires, floods, drought, and violence… Right now, part of our country is experiencing unimaginable flooding.  Another part of the country is under one of the…

Friendship Games

Friendship Memory: Take a picture of each child. Make two copies and glue each on a card, writing the child’s name below the picture.

Friendship Science

Friendship flower: Have each child pick a partner and they will be given one carnation per 2 children.

Friendship Art

I draw a huge tree shape including branches.

Friendship Snacks

Friendship Pizza Take sugar cookie dough and roll it out into a circle big enough to fit in a pizza pan.

Friendship Songs

A fellow teacher had taught us this song a couple years ago as we were saying goodbye to our 5 year olds.

Feelings Games

Either look through a large book with lots of large pictures (fairy tales work well)

Feelings Art

I work with 3 year olds, and this idea worked for me. Ask your children (one at a time or in several small groups) to…

Feelings Snacks

Pizza face! the pizza dough will be the face and you can add pepperoni or ham circles for eyes. you can make a happy face…