Month: July 2016

Halloween Songs For Kids

Halloween Songs For Kids Check out over 130 Halloween songs, chants, and fingerplays for kids!

Preschool Halloween Art

  Preschool Halloween Art Get ready for Halloween in your classroom or at home! Choose from over 200 easy and fun preschool Halloween art ideas.

Halloween Safety Tips


Easy Halloween Classroom Snacks

Easy Halloween Classroom Snacks Are you ready for some spooky and yummy treats?  Try out these easy Halloween snacks in your classroom or at home.

Columbus Day

My students just loved learning about Columbus day.  

Poetry Day

  My Kindergarten class is doing a Poetry Puppet Show for the parents.  Each child chooses a simple poem to memorize.  Next, they make a…

Yom Kippur Songs

“Jonah” God said to Jonah, “Take a trip to Nineveh, and tell the wicked people there, they have to change their ways.”

Yom Kippur Misc

I got this one from a friend.  To teach the meaning of repentance, you have two people (preferably teacher and teacher’s aid) hold a long…

Yom Kippur Games

To help the children understand the meaning of “al het” or “missing the mark” (ie: not always being as perfect as we would like to…

Yom Kippur Art

I like to have my kids make an ocean in a bottle.  

Simchat Torah Songs

Simchat Torah! (Tune is a modified “Pop Goes the Weasel”)

Simchat Torah Games

Make a puzzle of the Torah spread out in a treasure hunt.  

Simchat Torah Snacks

Use jelly rolls and big pretzel sticks to make a Torah.  Write some words with icing on a parchment paper.

Simchat Torah Art

To make a Torah for Simchat Torah, have kids cut from a Hebrew newspaper and glue it onto any color paper.