Month: May 2016

Airplane Songs for Preschool

Little Airplane (Tune: Frere Jacques)

Fall Games

I have found a very good idea for 3 or 4-year-olds for those cold or rainy fall days. We like to play in the leaves!

Fall Snacks

For my ece class we had to come up with a fall themed snack and decided to do something related to pumpkins.

Fall Art

Bubble print Indian corn. have the children cut out a corn pattern and then paint the bubble wrap fall colors and then place the bubble…

Fall Science

Gather several pine cones for exploration.

Fall Songs

For thanksgiving/fall theme, gather leaves and bring inside in a common area. Give a few of the kids small brooms/rakes and sing the following words…

HighScope Small Group Activities

At the beginning of the year, we take small group time to do a tour of the building and meet the people that the children…

HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

This idea will work for either planning time or recall.

What Is HighScope?

Reprinted with permission from the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation.  Please visit the High/Scope homepage for more information on this approach.

Grandparent’s Day Art

Take the child’s thumb and press it in a stamp pad, then press it on the heart shaped construction paper. Let the child draw legs…

Grandparent’s Day Games

My Grandparent is Special During circle we roll a ball to a friend of our choice. First we announce our friends name, “Ryan” then the child…

Grandparent’s Day Songs

Tune:  You Are My Sunshine You are my Grandma You are my Grandpa You make me happy when I’m  with you You give good hugs…

Patriot’s Day Curriculum

Make an American flag using the children’s hand-prints and footprints. On a large piece of white paper, use their feet for the red stripes. Paint…

Labor Day Curriculum

For Labor day we make thank you cards for all the people in our school who do things for us…our cook, our custodians, other teachers…

Hispanic Heritage Preschool Curriculum

Find the FlagsPrint out a bunch of the flags below.  Secure each one of them to a Popsicle stick.  Hide the flags all over the…

Father’s Day Art

Cut out letters from poster board to spell each child’s first name.

Father’s Day Games

Our preschool did a “Tee-Off (or Tee-Time) with Dad” for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Snacks

For Father’s Day, we have an ice cream social. It is fun and the fathers enjoy it.