Month: May 2016

Airplane Songs for Preschool

Little Airplane (Tune: Frere Jacques)

Fall Games

I have found a very good idea for 3 or 4-year-olds for those cold or rainy fall days. We like to play in the leaves!

Fall Snacks

For my ece class we had to come up with a fall themed snack and decided to do something related to pumpkins.

Fall Art

Bubble print Indian corn. have the children cut out a corn pattern and then paint the bubble wrap fall colors and then place the bubble…

Fall Science

Gather several pine cones for exploration.

Fall Songs

For thanksgiving/fall theme, gather leaves and bring inside in a common area. Give a few of the kids small brooms/rakes and sing the following words…

HighScope Small Group Activities

At the beginning of the year, we take small group time to do a tour of the building and meet the people that the children…

HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

This idea will work for either planning time or recall.

What Is HighScope?

Reprinted with permission from the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation.  Please visit the High/Scope homepage for more information on this approach.

Grandparent’s Day Art

Take the child’s thumb and press it in a stamp pad, then press it on the heart shaped construction paper. Let the child draw legs…