100th Day of School Ideas

We found a great book called “Mrs. Bindergarten celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten”

Great to read on the 100th day of school

At my daughter’s elementary school on the 100th day of school they encourage the children to make a shirt at home and wear it that day The shirt can have 100 of anything put on it. They are told to be creative. One time someone pinned 100 safety pins on. Another time someone put 100 balloons on and so forth.

For the theme 100 day, make a large circle and draw a face on like a caterpillar. Each day have a circle added to the caterpillars body and put the number one and write word one, keep adding each day until you get to 100 days. It look really cute all around the room and the children count every day. Give each child a chance to put a circle on.

We sent a letter home to the parents asking them to send a 100 pennies to school with their children. Each child counted their pennies into 10 rows of 10. We rolled the pennies, and donated them to a fundraiser.

I teach pre-k and for our 100th day, our class will be working in groups of two to three students. These students will choose one material they will create something out of (100 Popsicle sticks or 100 q-tips) With the 100 pieces of material they can create ANYTHING they want as a team. We will invite our friends and families to come to our 100th day celebration and show off our creations. Almost like a mini science fair.