100th Day of School Ideas

In honor of 100 days of school, have a mad hatter party. Send a letter home to parents asking them to help their child decorate a hat in honor of the 100th day of school. Have the children wear the hat to school and have a parade and then come back to your classroom for a “mad hatter celebration. The hats can be silly or they may want to glue a hundred of something on their hats. For example, 100 eyes, dinosaurs, etc.

Send home a letter to the parents letting them know that the 100th day of school will be coming up soon. Have the students come to school dressed as though they are 100 years old!

Writing/Drawing Activity: Ask the children, “If you could have 100 of anything, what would it be?” Give them blank pieces of paper or a pre-made “I would have 100 __________!” paper. My kids always come up with interesting things. I do this by asking the children how many boys are in our class? How many girls? How many puppy dogs? The children laugh and tell me none. None is zero. I have a super hero with the number zero on his shirt. Everyday from then on we count the days of school. Every day that we hit a number that has a zero in it (10), we have a Zero the Hero snack and do a zero the hero project. The snacks are in the shapes of zeroes…fruit loops, donuts, cheerios, (any food that represents the zero). The children love to count. They can’t wait to get to the next Zero the Hero day.