100th Day of School Art

If you have 10 children in your class have each child bring in 10 items from home. If you have 20 children have them bring 5 items, etc. On a big poster board have each student glue their ten items on the board equaling 100.

For the 100th day of school project last year I help my daughter draw a gum ball machine, sitting on a table, on a poster. Then we glued the small pom poms, that look like cotton balls, inside the circle that makes the machine. Some look like they were coming out of the machine and then we scatter a few on the table.

This year we will be using cheerios. We will be drawing a picture on the poster. Then we will outline it with cheerios. After the glue is dry we will be adding paint to it. Like if we made a tree then the top part will be green and the bottom part will be brown. If we make a pond we will outline it with the cheerios and let it dry and then paint the cheerios blue.

Link up with a couple of other classes and make a mural of 100 painted children’s hands together celebrating 100 days of true friendship (include teachers hand-prints and other special people in the school).

Theme: 100th day of school Art: Create a picture with 100 square pieces of construction paper or 100 hole-punched circles.