Wind Art

March Wind Project
Need: empty paper towel roll for each child paint and paint brushes assorted colors of tissue paper stapler

Students paint paper towel roll any way they desire – let it dry teacher cuts long strips of different colored tissue paper student choices color and/or colors of tissue paper teacher staples tissue paper strips together at one end of paper towel roll. teacher saves for a very windy March day and let kids take on the playground. My kids always love this project.

This activity is to show wind as a weather art. You will need crayons, white construction paper, and blue and white paint. Have the children draw a picture on a sheet of construction paper, such as their home, the park, themselves outside. Using light blue paint (white and blue mixed) drop some paint on the top of the art work. Using a straw have the child blow the paint across the top of the art work ( it works best when the page is turned on its. This shows the pattern of the wind in its natural environment.

Wind chimes. Take purple strips of construction paper. have the children sponge paint it, After it dries staple it together and glue on different colored streamers. When you hang these outside the children love to see their artwork, blowing in the wind!

Our class loves to make windsocks. We take colored sandwich bags and let each child choose a color. Then they cut the bottoms off of the bag. Then the children decorate the bags with markers, sequins, buttons, etc. After their bag is decorated, two holes are punched in the tops and yarn or string is placed in the holes to make a hanger for the windsock. Then have the children glue, staple, or tape streamers to the opposite end of their windsock. When it is all dry, you can hang them in your room or outside your class window so the children can watch their windsocks blow in the breeze.

Mix paint to a thin consistency and pour into glue bottles or other containers which have a small hole and can be squeezed by the child. Cover the wall and surrounding area with newspaper. Lay the child’s paper on the table. Demonstrate the blow-dryer by blowing leaves or paper across the table on the low setting. Switch to high and drip paint in front of the “wind”. It is fun to watch the wind blow the paint across the page. The resulting pictures are beautiful to look at and stimulate lots of conversation.

Plastic Grocery Bag Wind Catchers: These are more durable than the ubiquitous construction paper kites, plus they actually fly! Let the children decorate plastic grocery bags with stickers, etc. (A good place to incorporate a little “recycling” lesson, too) Tie each end of a length of string or yarn to each handle of the bag, and you’re set! When you take them outside, have the children observe how the wind fills the bag.

Bubble Art

Put food coloring in a bottle of bubbles and let kids blow bubbles on their paper. It will leave a colored “bubble” on the paper.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.