Valentine’s Day Songs

This is sung at circle time. The teacher has a big heart and sings:

Valentine, Valentine, who will be my valentine, number one, number two, number three it must be you, take this heart along with you. Then that person takes the heart and follows you around. You go through until every child has been picked and you have a long valentine “train” behind you. The kids love it.

I’m going to Mail myself to you was written by Woodie Guthrie. So far people have come up with the chorus, (I’m gonna wrap my self in paper, etc) ,first verse (I’m gonna tie me up in a red string, etc) second verse, (when you find me in your mailbox, etc.) The final verse is:

Take me out of my wrapping paper,

Wash the stamps off of my head,

Fill me full of Ice cream sodies,

Put me in my nice warm bed.

Lacy hearts, candy hearts.

Flowery hearts too!

Hearts of pink, hearts of yellow

Heart of red and blue.

Lacy hearts, candy hearts

Flowery hearts too.

Oh what fun it is to share

Lot’s of hearts with you!

Jean Elizabeth Young has a great song good for Valentine’s day or any other special time:

How can I tell you?

What can I do?

How can I show you

I care about you?

Children love to answer that question using the song:

I’ll make you a valentine

I’ll buy you some candy

I’ll send you a letter

I’ll give you a hug


I’m going to wrap myself with paper, stick myself with glue, tie a big bow, and mail myself to you, when I finally get there its a dream come true, I hope you really like it cause I love you.

Here’s a song for valentine’s day

i’m a teeny tiny valentine for you

I’m a teeny tiny valentine for you

I’m a teeny tiny valentine,

I’m always yours, will you be mine?

I’m a teeny tiny valentine for you.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Songs”

  1. (Marry Had a Little Lamb)
    You’re a special friend of mine,
    Friend of mine, friend of mine,
    You’re a special friend of mine,
    Be my Valentine

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