Valentines Day Songs For Preschoolers

We do this in our class- I am not sure what the tune of the song is….

“I wish I had a little red box to put my (child’s name) in I take him out and (smooch, smooch, smooch) and put him back again”

The children really love it when you use a box, we covered a large cardboard box in red paper.

I wrote a letter to my love

And on the way, I dropped it

A little doggie picked it up

And put it in his pocket

He won’t bite me

And he won’t bite you

But he’ll bite the one who’s got it

So drop it, so drop it

It must be dropped by now.

One child has a valentine in their hand and goes around the circle deciding who’s back they’re going to drop it behind. As the song says, by the last line the child drops it and the child who has the valentine chases the other before they can then sit in the open spot.

tune: (twinkle, twinkle)

Kiss me, hug me valentine,

this is the day that you are mine.

I made you a card and a muffin too,

won’t you say you love me too.

Kiss me, hug me valentine,

this is the day that you are mine.

You give a valentine to a friend, and sing this song

Will you be my Valentine,


Will you be by Valentine

I like you.

Then the receiver answers by singing

Yes, I’ll be your Valentine,

valentine, valentine

Yes, I’ll be your Valentine

I like you.

And so on, till everyone gives and gets a Valentine

“Lovey Bug” Song ( tune Bringing home a baby Bumble bee)

I’m bring home a baby lovey bug.

Won’t my mamma give my bug a hug.

I’m bringing home a baby lovey bug.

Oops…. he(she) kissed me!

I make a craft project with the kids too to incorporate with the song. You make 2 small hearts of the same color and size. One white circle. You will be putting the hearts together to form wings and connect them together with the circle. Put the pointed tips of the hearts together. glue the circle on top of the tips. Have children draw eyes, smile etc on circle. I also talk about X’s and O’s for hugs and Kisses and encourage the kids to write some on the wings. When done I attach to a craft stick like a stick puppet. When we sing Oops it kissed me I make the smack sound like a kiss and have my lovey bug “kiss” one of the children. They Love this and I have also done this as a take home parent/child project.

Will you be my Valentine, Valentine, Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine, tell me please do?

Then nod your head this way (nod yes)

Or shake your head that way (shake no)

Will you be my Valentine tell me please do?

One of my kids’ (3-5 year olds) favorite songs is “I’m Gonna Wrap Myself In Paper.” I’ve not heard your second verse – here’s our second verse:

When you see me in your mailbox
Cut the string and let me out
Wipe the glue off my fingers
And stick some bubblegum in my mouth!

(first verse: I’m gonna wrap myself in paper; I’m gonna dab myself with glue; stick some stamps on top of my head; I’m gonna mail myself to you!).

Mail Myself To You

I’m gonna wrap myself in paper.
I’m gonna dab myself with glue.
Stick some stamps on top of my head.
I’m gonna mail myself to you.

I’m gonna tie me up in red string,
I’m gonna use blue ribbon too.
I’m gonna climb up into your mailbox.
I’m gonna mail myself to you.

How about some old favorites for Valentine’s Day? –

Skinna-marinky dinky dink, skinnamarinky doo I love you (repeat three lines)
I love you in the morning and in the afternoon,
I love you in the evening, and underneath the moon
Skinnamarinky, dinky dink skinnamarinky doo
I love you!



  • Gloria February 5, 2018 at 10:46 pm Reply

    Need to credit Hap Palmer for use of his song, “I’m Going to Make a Heart of Paper”

    • daylene2016 February 6, 2018 at 9:51 am Reply

      Thank you for catching this. I have added the proper credit to Hap Palmer.

  • Diayna December 15, 2017 at 1:50 pm Reply

    (Marry Had a Little Lamb)
    You’re a special friend of mine,
    Friend of mine, friend of mine,
    You’re a special friend of mine,
    Be my Valentine

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