Valentine’s Day Snacks

Heart Sandwich

Slice of bread


cream cheese

red jelly

Cut a large heart from a slice of bread. Spread with butter and cream cheese. Put a little red jelly in the center.

Frosted Valentine Punch




100% fruit punch

Moisten the rim of a drinking glass with water (clear plastic throw away glasses work well). Dip the moist rim in a shallow dish of sugar Fill the glass with red juice.

Heart Shaped Biscuits with Pink Butter

Biscuits: Mix up a batch of Bisquick Biscuits using the direction on the box. Have the children roll out the dough with rolling pins. Use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out the biscuits. Bake according to the directions on the box.

Pink Butter: Pour heavy cream into clean, disinfected baby food jars (one for each child). Add a couple drops of red food coloring. Secure the jar with the lids. Have the children shake, shake, shake, shake, shake their jars until the cream turns into butter. Enjoy the pink butter on your yummy hot biscuits!


When ever it is my turn to bring snacks for my daughter’s class, she always asks that I bring fruit and dip. We are planning on using this for the class Valentines party.


Fruit and Dip

1 jar Marshmallow Cream

1/4 cup fruit juice (orange or pineapple seem to be best)

Mix marshmallow cream and juice until well blended. Add more juice if too thick.

Serve with apple slices and banana slices which have been dipped in Sprite or pineapple juice, canned peach slices, pineapple chunks. Watermelon chunks are also great when in season. We mix in red food coloring to create a Valentine theme.

Heart Crackers

Buy Lavosh Heart Shaped Crackers. Use what ever topping you desire: peanut butter, cream cheese, tuna fish, cheese, etc.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.