Valentine’s Day Snacks

You can order colored bread from the baker at your local store. Yes pink or red or both. Then use the cookie cutters that are heart shaped that are open. Fill your sandwich with peanut butter and jelly but sure to not in case a student is allergic to peanut butter then cut out the shape (heart or what ever Valentine cookie cutter). They make up cute sandwiches. I’ve done this for Valentine’s and the kids just love it. Some bakeries will cut the crust off if you ask.

Valentine Cookie Graham

You need: a Graham cracker pink frosting (put red food coloring into white frosting) Alpha Bits cereal small candy hearts

Directions: 1- Frost Graham cracker with pink frosting. 2- “Write” your message (I Love You or your name, etc.) using the Alpha Bits and placing them on the middle of the frosted cracker. 3- Decorate the border with candy hearts. Enjoy!

For our Christmas party, we let our three-year-old preschooler put icing on cookies and decorate with sprinkles. For Valentines Day we wanted to use the leftovers and the kids had been asking for sprinkles, but we didn’t want to repeat the cookies, so we decorated Jell-O jigglers with cool whip and sprinkles.

Our children are bombarded with candy/sweets at Valentine’s Day. I began to make this special lunch as a way to “sneak in” something healthy. Purchase frozen bread dough. Unthaw and place in a heart shaped cake pan. You may need to stretch the dough to fill the pan. Bake according to directions. After it is cool, slice it to create a sandwich. Let your children decide on what type of sandwich they wish to create. Some suggestions: ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, turkey, mustard, mayo, etc. Serve this heart shaped sandwich with red fruit (apples, strawberries, raspberries, etc.), red/pink fruit juice. Our children really enjoy making this bread and deciding which fillings to use.

You do a real cake in a heart pan. Then you decorate the top by using little candy containers (like you find in a box of chocolate) you can purchase these at your party stores. Then put the candy container (wrappers on top of the frosted cake and add candy to each spot.) Looks like a box of candies when done.

We combine cooking, learning about the color pink (red + white), our shape of the month (the heart) and Valentine’s day into one delicious activity. Prepare pancake mix, the kind that only needs water, the kids can help mix. Have each child squeeze some batter up into the turkey baster. The teacher then squirts the batter into the shape of a heart. Make enough for each child to have two. Then pass around a bowl full of “Cool Whip” and allow each child to place a spoonful on each pancake. Follow this with a bowl of sliced strawberries in juice. The berries and cool whip make beautiful pink valentine’s hearts and some fine motor exercise as well.


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