Valentine’s Day Snacks

Melt vanilla chocolate wafers. Dip pretzel sticks in chocolate and set on wax paper. Sprinkle pretzel sticks with Valentine jimmies or and kind of Valentine icing decorations.

For Valentine’s Day, the teachers cut out heart shapes out of bread (enough for two for each child), bologna and cheese (enough for one for each child) and let them put together their own sandwich. This way if they don’t like bologna or cheese they can choose to not have it.

Fruit Hearts

Simple, red, and reasonably healthy: “Draw” the outline of a heart shape on a paper plate for each child. Then place a bowl (or some bowls, depending on how many children you have) of red/pink fruit pieces (raspberries, strawberries, cherries-no pits) on the table(s) and let children make a heart by placing red fruit onto their whipped cream heart outline.

Just did for Valentine’s day for my son’s 3rd-grade classroom. I don’t know if the kids were impressed but the mom’s were. You can purchase colored bread from the local bakery. Some bakeries don’t do it so you might have to check around in your area. It doesn’t cost much more I think the loaf was $1.09 and it was medium pink. I wanted red but she said it taste bitter – so chose the pink. I put peanut butter and jelly between the two layers and then used a heart cookie cutter and it rather seals them.

You can do each layer of food item between bread (such as if you did the peanut butter and jelly. First the bread, then the peanut butter, then another layer of bread and then the jelly and then another layer of bread.

Another option is to do one layer with cream cheese and black olives sliced up and the next with spam. I know those don’t sound good but really do a have a good taste when combined. Not sure kids would like it though.

Because there is always too much emphasis on candy and chocolate at Valentine’s day, we make a snack that fits into three food groups…we take a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut hearts out of bread, sliced cheese and lunch meat (normally bologna). We set the three items out on separate plates rather than making the sandwiches in advance and let the preschoolers make their own sandwich, deciding if they want all three or just two of the three. Add some 100% fruit juice with this snack and we’ve hit 4 food groups!


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