Valentine’s Day Art

“Love Potion” Fill plastic water bottles or pop bottles with water, add food coloring to turn the water pink. Then have the child add glitter, foam hearts, beads, or even pink straw pieces. Glue lids closed. Then decorate outside of the bottle with heart stickers and write “Love Potion” on it. Then give it to someone you love!

For a Great Gift for Valentines day. Take a small terra cotta pot. Have children sponge paint with red and white paint. When dry add valentines Hershey kisses. Glue a big red construction paper heart to a large popsicle stick (Tongue depressor size). Have child put a message on it. Then insert in center of kisses. Wrap with red or pink cellophane and add a pretty bow just below the heart. The kids will love to share their kisses!!

Purchase 4 inch terracotta pots. Have children sponge paint hearts on them. Let dry. Glue on heart beads, etc. all over pot. Fill pot with sand, stick in a candle, and sprinkle pretty glitter on it. Makes a lovely gift for moms!

Make a pin using the safe edged metal top of a frozen juice can. Pour glue inside the lid and provide kids with small craft supplies (beads, sequins, confetti, etc.) to press into the glue. Once dried, add a pin to the back. If you do not have jewelry pins, glue a circle of felt to the back and insert a safety pin. This also makes a nice magnet.

Make heart wands. Cut a 3-4 inch heart from colored construction paper. Tape or glue the heart to a craft stick. Decorate the heart with glitter glue, confetti, sequins, wads of tissue paper, etc. (I like to use paper confetti instead of glitter with my 2-3 year olds, since glitter can pose an eye hazard if the kids rub their eyes.)


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.