Valentine’s Day Art

Take 3 red hearts you have cut out and create a story about the valentines who didn’t want to leave the classroom when March came along. The leprechaun had the solution. He waved the valentines in the air (replace them with 3 green hearts) and asked the children what they saw. 3 hearts. Hmm – he replied that won’t do but if I put them together (a shamrock shape) what do I have? Ask the children. Give them 3 green hearts to paste into a shamrock shape and add a stem with a magic marker or crayon. If children are able they can cut out the heart shapes.

Read the story Froggy’s First Kiss. Use lipstick on a cotton swab. (one swab for each child) Let each child place lipstick on their lips and make prints on paper! This was a lot of fun. Keep a mirror on hand so the children can see themselves in lipstick.

Have children draw full bodied pictures of themselves using colored markers on white paper. For children who could not easily do this, I drew in pencil a circle for the head, body and lines for the limbs. The teacher draws wings onto the child’s drawing and then cuts out the entire drawing including the wings. This angel is then glued to colored construction paper. Again cut around the drawing leaving a 3/8 inch border of construction paper for a frame. Have child glue glitter, hearts and sequins onto wings of angel. Punch hole at top of head and spiral a pipe cleaner for a halo. Have child sign name to the back. These can be hung from a window or ceiling. They also can be used for other holidays.

This would work for “Jesus Loves Me” theme or for Valentine’s–My son has a cross in his room made out of alphabet blocks that says “I (heart shape) Jesus (heart shape) Me (butterfly shape). From top to bottom the blocks are I, (heart shape), S, (heart shape), M, E, (butterfly shape); from left to right the blocks are J, E, S, U, S. When I did this activity I traced over the blocks and copied onto different colors construction paper, but I think different colors ink and stamps would be just as cute, you could also copy on white and just have it colored or painted, lots of variations.

Hugs and Kisses cards

Have children sponge paint lips on a piece of construction paper. (You could use an ink stamp of lips if time is limited) While lips are drying make the ‘hugs’. Trace both of each child’s hands on opposites ends of a long narrow sheet of paper. Draw ‘arms’ connecting the two hands. (The length should be similar to that of the child’s arms length.) Cut out the hugs. When the lips are dry fold paper in half for the card. Fold the hug in half and glue on the middle of the inside of the card. (the hands should not be glued down, just the middle part of the arms). You may want to write “I Love You” across the arms. Accordion fold each side up to the hands. You may want to add other messages to the card as well. When the card is opened the hands should ‘pop’ out giving the recipient a hug.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.