Valentine’s Day Art

For Valentine’s Day. Use white paper plates, colored hearts and various collage materials. Place collage materials around edge of the plate to form a circle or wreath. Place hearts and other items in the middle as decoration.

Valentine’s Day Card

You will need 2 different valentine colors (pink, red, white, purple) per child. Trace one hand with fingers closed on one color paper and then the other on the other color. Glue the two hands together with the thumbs facing each other and the hands should be overlapping a little. With a black permanent marker write: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, (child’s name)

*I have the children who know how to write their own names. I help the ones who don’t.

Beans heart
Material needed: red, pink poster board, all different types of dry beans.

From poster board trace and cut a heart then inside a heart trace just a little bit smaller heart. Give each child a glue and small cups or container with dry beans. Next children will put a glue around first heart and glue beans ,so the beans are going to make a frame for the second heart . For example we used red beans ,lima beans and black beans . Inside children can write valentine’s day greeting ,like “I love you” etc. It is a great idea and no heart is the same! The children using they own imagination to create!

Valentine “I love You” card

Need: red, pink, white construction paper or cardstock, scissors, glue, marker

Trace and cutout child’s hand from desired colored paper. Cut another colored paper in half (taco cut). Fold down the middle and ring finger of the hand and glue down – this will give you the sign “I love you” in sign language. Glue the hand to the bottom of the construction paper. At the top of the paper print “I Love You” then sign name. Some of my preschoolers went as far as making fingernails on the middle and ring fingers. I’ve had a lot of compliments on this project.

Place the following poem inside a heart cutout, and let the children use a red stamp pad to put their fingerprints along the outer edge of the heart. The children may sign their own name at the bottom if age appropriate.

Dirty little fingerprints On windows, doors, and walls; Prints that tell you I’ve been by.. Cards to mark my call.

Now they are a nuisance, But soon I’ll grow so tall… You’ll miss those little tokens That told you I was small.

And so to make sure that you’ll remember me this way, I’ve made this heart just for you on Valentine’s Day!


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.