Umbrella Art

I had my toddlers make umbrellas by cutting a large paper plate in half and using bingo dobbers then stapling a precut handle on it. I hung them in my window and had them make thumb prints with blue paint for raindrops.

Cut out large umbrella from paper. Water down tempra paint so it has more of a thinner consistency. Take plastic water droppers and use the droppers to fill up with tempra. Then let the children use the eyedroppers to “rain” on the umbrella’s.

I cut out umbrella shapes and let the kids glue on buttons and scrap material cut into squares. We then added a pipe cleaner for the handle and it had to be the cutest and most simple project I have done for my rain themed week!

Making an umbrella. Take a paper towel and cut it into an umbrella shape. Then have the children paint by using water colors. ( food coloring and water works great for water colors) Then have a precut handle for the bottom of the umbrella and glue it on after the top dries.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.