Turkey Art

Decorate your own turkey-

Have an outline of a turkey on a brown piece of construction paper. Decorate the turkey with cereal, beads, pasta, feathers, or have each child bring something from home to share in the decorating. Each comes out so different, and each child can tell you which one is their’s when hung up!!

Turkey Card

On front of card you have a turkey:

paint child’s palm of hand and thumb brown, paint each finger a different color (red, yellow, orange, purple) have child gently place hand in middle on top of a half sheet of folded paper.

On inside of the card you could write this little poem:

This isn’t just a turkey,

as anyone can see.

It was made with my own hand,

which is a part of me.

It comes with lots of love,

especially to say.

I hope you have a very,

Happy Thanksgiving Day !!!


A mixture of a few other ideas. I had my class dip their both hands in brown paint and then sprinkle red and yellow glitter over the “feathers” while they were still wet. To finish the turkeys I added a small black eye and a red warbler. While they were drying the students rolled 1″ paper towel tube rings in fall colored paint. When everything was dry I glued the turkey to the ring. The students had their very own napkin ring and one to share. They were SUPER cute!!!

Take a pinecone (found on a nature walk), feathers, google eyes, pipe cleaners (for the feet and legs) and a pompom (for the head) and make a turkey. You lay the pinecone on the table have each child stick feathers in one end (the larger end works best) of the pinecone then glue for stability. Next wrap a pipe cleaner (child’s choice) around the middle with the ends facing down to make the legs and feet. After this, glue the pompom on the smaller end of the cone and add google eyes and a beak (felt). They are adorable when finished

Paper bag turkey

Take a lunch size paper bag and fill it with foam peanuts or shredded newspaper. Fold down the front and tape it underneath. Give each child a piece of brown pear shaped paper, a piece of red paper (cut to look like the turkey’s waddle), two white circles for the turkeys eyes (I let the kids color in the white to give the turkey an eye color), and an orange diamond shape for the turkey’s beak. Once the kids glue that all onto the turkey body have them glue some multi colored feathers on the flat part of the paper bag. I used construction paper and cut out feather shapes. Finally, flatten the folded part of the bag and glue the turkey body on. Glue on two long orange stripes of paper folded accordion style, and yellow feet to the ends and they have long dangly turkey legs. My kids loved this.

Small note: I cut out way too many feathers. They got tired after gluing about 5 feathers.

I put a big turkey up on my bulletin board with help from my kids. I first made a pear shaped turkey and then i traced each childs hand 6 times to make the feathers. I used fall colors and i also put the child’s picture on their hand set so they could see themselves and their other friends. The kids all think it is really cute and so do the teachers.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.