Turkey Art

Children can trace and then color in their hands to resemble a turkey. The thumb is the neck and head and the fingers are the feathers. Add some legs and they are really cute turkeys!

Provide the children with a simple turkey body to cut out or one already cut out. Provide the children with different color feathers already cut out with the letters in their name printed on each feather. Have them glue the body to a piece of paper and then glue the feathers on in order of their name. You could provide a name card if the child does not know how to spell their name yet.

Turkeys in disguise.

I sent a picture of a turkey home for the children to decorate with their parents help. They could decorate it anyway they wanted but were told to be creative. I got lambs, cows, elephants, people and all kinds of ideas back. The parents loved it and it made a great bulletin board.

my children love to make Tootsie Turkeys. my parents loved to save them. as a new mommy i loved getting one myself!!

dip child’s foot into brown paint (if working with infants or wiggly toddlers, it may be best to just paint the bottom of their foot with a paintbrush)

press foot onto a paper, with toes pointing down so the heel will be the turkey head.

glue on some fall colored feathers (paper or craft feathers) just above the heel of the foot print.

when dry use markers or construction paper to make the eyes, beak, and waddle.

title it “_______’s Tootsie Turkey 2006”

They are such an adorable keepsake!

Thankful Turkeys

Trace each child’s foot (in the shoe) and both hands. Have them cut them out, or for younger children, you can do it for them. Have the children assemble their “turkeys” by gluing the handprints onto the back of the footprint with the fingers sticking out like feathers. Ask each child what he/she is thankful for and write responses on the turkey. This is a great keepsake for parents!

Have the children bring in brown gloves (the inexpensive stretchy kind) most parents will send in the pair so you will have extra. Then have the children stuff a glove with craft stuffing. Then help them push in the bottom so you can glue an oval piece of cardboard to the bottom and your turkey should stand up. Then have pre-cut felt feathers for them to glue onto “fingers’. A beak and googly eyes and a hat if you like.

This is adorable when finished. Can be used as a centerpiece for their family table.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.