Thanksgiving Snacks

You need: 2 Ritz bits crackers,4 stick pretzels, mini marshmallow &peanut butter. Spread the peanut butter on the Ritz bits. Stick the 4 pretzels in between crackers. Put peanut butter on marshmallows&stick on Ritz crackers. IT’S A TURKEY!

Every Thanksgiving we have a potluck for the parents and grandparents. This year the day before the potluck we are having the children bring in vegetables to help make vegetable soup. We will discuss the first Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims and the Indians shared with each other. Then the morning of the potluck the students will make muffins and butter.

to make Indian corn cakes we use inexpensive Jiffy corn muffin mix. The corn cakes are mixed with 1 egg, milk, and t of shortening. These are fried in an electric skillet. We serve them with homemade butter. They taste great!!

Every year for Thanksgiving I have my children make edible turkeys to put at everyone’s plate. You will need graham crackers, chocolate icing, chocolate cover cherries, butter cookies shaped like flowers, and candy corn. Spread a little icing on graham cracker to attach chocolate covered cherry. This will be the turkey’s body. Add icing to one side to attach one cookie. This will be the tail. Add icing to the opposite side to attach the candy corn. This will be the head. These can be made ahead of time so the icing can set.

I had someone ask how many cookies you got from the Cornmeal Cookie recipe. I had never counted them but yesterday we made them in class and I made half a recipe and had about 36 cookies. I give the children a small spoonful and let them roll it into a ball and put on the cookie sheet. That way they get to help mix them and also make them. Out of 10 children, all but 1 liked them. They get a copy of the recipe so they can make them at home.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.