Thanksgiving Snacks

I did this last year and the kids loved it. Use a Nutter Butter cookie for the body, cut our fruit roll ups for feathers and the waddle (or use gumdrops), pretzel sticks for legs and raisins for the eyes. Be sure and take a picture of your little chefs for the parents to see.

Edible Turkey’s-Each year we make edible turkey’s for each child to eat or take home. Each turkey will need 1 Oreo cookie, one chocolate covered cherry, five candy corns, one butterscotch baking chip, one red hot candy and chocolate icing. Take 1 Oreo cookie, separate it and remove the white filling. You may need to help the children or already have this done before starting. The Oreo break very easily when trying to separate. One Oreo cookie half is the base which you place a chocolate covered cherry on with the icing. Then take the other half of the Oreo cookie and attached it to the back of the cherry with the icing so the candy corn can be attached (points down for the feathers). You will need 5 pieces of candy corn. Next take a butterscotch chip and attached with frosting for the head and a red hot candy and attached to the butterscotch chip for the gobbler. You now have an edible turkey. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get from the parents each year when these are made! The kids love them too!

Instead of just a regular shaped Sugar cone filled with goodies, why not shape the cone into a real looking cornucopia? Start by boiling a pot of water. You will need the steam to make the shape. Take a regular sugar cone and place over the steam until pliable. Do not let it get mushy. as it starts to “soften” place the pointy part of the cone over the edge of the pot so it takes a bended shape. Do not let the cone get wet. once it is shaped, place it on wax paper and let it dry. You will have neat little curve to your cornucopia! =)

At the youth center where I work, the budget is limited, therefore for our Thanksgiving Feast we provide finger foods. ex: veggies & dip, apples & dip, various crackers, finger Jell-O, etc… all are served from a sugar cone cornucopia. Enjoy!

A tasty recipe for No-Bake Pumpkin Pudding

To make one individual serving per child, mix two tablespoons pumpkin pie filling, two tablespoons marshmallow crème, and one tablespoon whipped topping. It is fun for the kids to measure the ingredients themselves and mix this tasty pudding.

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