Thanksgiving Snacks

Create a Turkey with an apple, colored marshmallows and toothpicks.

Take the apple and place it on a paper plate, take the colored marshmallows and place them on the toothpicks and stick them in the apple.

Edible Pilgrim Hats

ingredients: one for each child

round tea biscuit cookies or vanilla wafers large marshmellow jelly bean

dip cookie and marshmallow in melted chocolate “glue” together to make hat place jelly bean as hat buckle ENJOY!

My preschool does a Feast called “Our was of saying Thank You” We know the children all don’t like turkey so we have a Thanksgiving Day Pizza Feast and we invite the parents for lunch. The kids love this and so do the parents.

I teach 3 yr. olds and instead of having all the traditional foods associated with Thanksgiving, we had a Feast of Favorites. A few weeks before our feast I asked each child what his/her favorite food was and how they make it. I copied these down verbatim. Then I asked the parents to send in a dish of their child’s favorite food while I made up a menu of our feast including ‘cooking’ instructions. We had a blast! We ate chocolate donuts, shredded wheat, several dishes of macaroni and cheese and even some pumpkin pie. It was a hit and the menu became a memento to send home.

“Glue” a marshmallow to the top of a fudge striped cookie using icing. Let icing harden. Dip the marshmallow and cookie in melted chocolate. Use gel icing to make a buckle. Now you have a hat!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.